Friday, March 20, 2009

March Updating

Emily's been driving a powerchair at school!!!..... and like it's no big deal. :) Everyone has told us when our kids start getting into powerchairs and learn that they are somewhat independant they "grow up" and start talking more and stuff. For us, Emily is not a talker -- she's 3.5 but has a very difficult time forming words -- but she has been a chatty Kathy lately -- LOUD. Amazing she can get as loud as she can when her lung volume is so small and weak -- so we thought anyway. It's been great to have a little bit of change in the regard.

She has also been doing incredibly well on the supply of breast milk we are working through. I think we've successfully made it through a sickness that could have been worse - - hard to say for sure, kinda speculation, but she's been gaining weight and has way more energy. Our insurance company tells us there is "no scientific proof that breast milk is beneficial to kids," so we can't get funding from CareFirst.... bummer for us -- and I'd hate to work for a company that makes such idiotic claims as that - I pity them. Regardless, we have some incredibly promising breast milk donors, so thanks for your prayers and ideas in that regard.

Thanks for checking in! Peace <><


The Dodd Family said...

man, if we lived nearby, I'd be able to give you guys TONS of milk!!! I could pump enough to feed a whole neighborhood! We'll be praying for more donors for you guys :)

Nate said...

Haha -- well that would be great! Thank for the thought -- maybe there's a good way to deep freeze the milk and ship it! :) Thanks for stopping by.

Mike Milligan said...

Independent movement! What every parent hopes for -- and dreads. ;-)

Seriously, that's fantastic news.

Mark said...

What's the standard of scientific "proof" that they are appealing to? Were you given any indication? I'm wondering if there is anyway that you could do a bit of a literature search and come up with stuff.

Nate said...

They say that all studies only "suggest" that it is beneficial. We have some friends in the world of lactation and breast milk (seriously, who woulda thought!) and they have shared information with us. It's a really absurd statement for them to make, since they were probably all successfully raised on breast milk... oh yeah, nearly all of us were! If you dig anything up PLEASE share!! We'll be researching angles to beat them at this, but I am sure they'd rather get sued than pay for breast milk.