Still not sure what's up.

We had kind of a standard, uneventful PICU day - which is good! Emily's secretions are getting thicker for some reason, but still not sure why. We will get some cultures back tomorrow, so maybe that will tell us something. She was generally happy today and got a lot of sleeping in. Her lungs are clear as day and her O2 sats have only really dropped a little and come right back up with a little coercing of the cough assist and suction - and, of course, good respiratory treatments every 4 hours.

So, the fevers have not come back, so that is a relief. All the rest is a mystery - we usually land in the PICU b/c of desats, junky lungs, fevers, and "normal" emergency stuff like that. But it all makes sense. This is rather baffling, but maybe we'll see some sense when labs come back.

Oh! It's always nice when you can learn new tricks from a PICU b/c usually we're ready to pounce on any shinaniggans. The Respiratory Therapists here at Sinai have been great and taught us a couple tricks regarding nasal suction -- I call it "irrigating the nose" -- effective. Maybe I'll post a video, but essentially it is squirting saline in one nostril while sucking it back out of the other -- I may start doing it to myself! (allergies). Also, being here where we can stay in Emily's room and everyone is paying attention (and we can still do a lot of her stuff) has been way better for us. When it comes down to it we don't really want someone else touching Emily (for our sanity and their's) so this more personal setting is better. BUT, we've not experienced a MAJOR emergency here, so that would tell us on another level that we can skip for the time being. :)

So - we're hangin here. Annabelle is with some friends and will see Grandpa and Grandma in the next couple of days. Thanks Vandenheuvals for giving her a second home! :)

And thank you everyone else for your thoughts and prayers and for checking in on us via Twitter and Facebook! :) Hopefully we'll be going home in a couple of days and this is nothing b/c we caught it before it became something.

Peace <><


Hello Nate! Always glad to hear good news about Emily. Just wanted to comment on the nasal irrigation - I highly recommend it - at first it feels like you are drowning , like when you get a nose full at the pool, but after a while you get used to the wonderful feeling. Just be sure to use the right water. ANYway, I think I held off the congestion of a cold by nasal irrigation. I get my stuff at NeilMed Pharmaceuticals. They're online.

Also, would like to be your facebook pal, but couldn't find you there . . .

GOd bless you,
Linda Karner
Mary said…
Glad to hear the fevers are gone and hopefully she will start feeling better real soon!
Laurel said…
Thank you for keeping us updated! I'm praying Emily has peace even though she's not in the comforts of home. I, too, recommend the NeilMed bottle or the Neti-pot for nasal irrigation. It took me a long time to come around to the idea, but now I try to do it every day or so. It's much better than taking decongestants and other nasty stuff. All it takes is water, salt, and sometimes baking soda. (NeilMed sells prepared packets so you don't have to measure out ingredients, just add water!)

Gabe Miani said…
Sup Lee Family! Just sending my e-love and positive vibes your way. Its been too long and miss you all! And a big shout out to EMILY!