Home at last :D

It is true -- we are home at last. That was the shortest PICU stay we had ever had, and the best! Even in hard times there are "perks" to life. They just tend to be odd perks in our life.

So, Emily has made it through RSV and Influenza this year without being intubated. All managed via BiPAP, Cough Assist, and regimented respiratory therapy/maintenance -- AND while starting school and experiencing a good life for a disabled child. I can't help but
reminisce about the Hopkins Dr's trying to convince us to trach Emily last year b/c she had "No cough reflex whatsoever." The pressure was on us, but we stuck to our guns and I think we're doing well -- nay, I think we're doing better!!

She'll still need some More BiPAP time and her settings are higher; but in good time, and with good respiratory maintenance, all will be back to normal soon... normal for us anyway.

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Sky said…
So HAPPY you are all home, big hugs Sheila and Sky
Mike Milligan said…
Joanna said…
Laurel said…
SOOOO glad you didn't let them trach her back then!! She is so vocal and fun. Thanks be to God! We are rejoicing with you over that and Emily's victory over influenza, even as we are aware that you all are back to the daily, "regular" struggles and burdens. -Laurel
Devon said…
Wonderful!!! This is so great to hear!!