Big sister help #SMA

Annabelle is always eager to help, even when it comes to pushing Emily and her heavy medical stroller. Annabelle, you ROCK!!

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Unknown said…
It's great to watch our SMA kids syblings relate and help out. I have found that Sammy is more in tune with Shira's needs than anyone I have hired for help!! She's going to be a special adult for what she is living with and especially watching how you guys care for Emily!
Nate said…
I agree Brad. Our unaffected kids already have quite the stories and amazing ability to roll with things. Annabelle loves to run in and suction Emily when she needs it, or take her BiPAP off the mornings to get Emily going for the day. Amazing how efficient she is at it when it requires her to climb all over Emily's bed. Too funny. She just loves her soo much. :)