It's the simple things. A smaller bipap means more can fit on the vent tray!! #specialneeds

We just switched DME companies and the new one is giving us this fancy
new and smaller BiPAP, VPAP ST. It takes up less space on Emilys
stroller, and one less outlet, which is going to be great for
travelling. :) Cool beans!

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Sky said…
Ive been looking at those for Sky, let me know what you guys think about the built in humidifier. Now if we can only get them to make the suction and cough assist smaller that would be great!!!!
Tara & Mark said…
That is awesome, which bipap did you have before this one?
Tina Mac said…
Nate, is the new Bipap a Bipap really or C-pap? We would love something smaller for Hayden. The machine you have for Emily looks exactly like my husband's C-Pap.
Nate said…
Sheila: That is EXACTLY what I was thinking... in a few years maybe we'll throw all this in a backpack or something. :) So far it is great!

Tara & Mark: We have had the Respironics BiPAP Synchrony S/T ever since the beginning in 2004. We still own one and will use them both regularly.

Tina Mac: It is most definitely a Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure machine -- the ResMed VPAP ST to be exact. Here's one for sale:
Anonymous said…
I do remember one thing about using the integrated humidifier--if it runs out of water, you have to turn off the machine and open up the resevoir to add more water. I know in the spring/summer we didn't have a problem with that being on all night long, but in the winter we usually have to re-fill our humidifier once during the night. I may put Colin's integrated humidifier on soon and see if we're ready for our spring set up (instead of the separate humidifier). Keep us updated on how she does!
jennifer G said…
Hey Nate,
Let me know how she adapts to it. We are wanting on with the humidifer built in to use on his powerchair, but I don't know how he'll adapt to the change. He also uses the Synchrony.
Anonymous said…
Kyle used the Vpap III st/a when he was on one, but it looked different. I have a few humidifier chambers left over but I'm not sure they would fit. I could send one if you all want to try it out? We also had an attachment to use when not using the humidifier, b/c you don't want water in the chamber when traveling, it could get water in the machine and ruin it.