A couple days of being home #SMA

We're home and having a good time. Emily is no longer on extra O2 and we're getting back to business as usual. Phew! The Zyrtec dose discovery was an important one for us and other's that deal with respiratory issues like ours. Also, if you're wondering what our home is like after these bouts of sickness, to the left you see a little window into our lives. Kids Monopoly all 'round! Just hanging out before bedtime. Don't you wish YOU were here playing children's monopoly?!

Anyway, we've got some Dr. appointments coming up and probably a sleep study and an MRI -- plans plans -- always with the plans.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and for the meals we have been getting from friends. Meals are SOOOO great when returning from the hospital. :)

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Nancy Lee said…
Very cute picture! You guys are amazingly good parents! So glad to hear Emily is doing better! We love you all so much!
Great Shirt Annabelle...TMM
CureSMA4Stella said…
Glad things are back to "normal" (chuckling--what's normal?). You said that she's having an MRI . . . why is that? Do you have concerns? Just curious if it's something that is standard for our kiddos. Big hugs to you all! You rock!
Nate said…
Hey Sarah -- we are considering getting Emily an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) b/c her receptive communication is not where is should be. An MRI can help us determine if the communication parts of Emily's brain are not working normally - or if she's just making fools of us all in her cute little head. Who knows!