Hangin in there: #SMA #PICU

So all of Emily's labs have come back negative so far so we've ruled out major issues like RSV or Flu, but we're still dealing with a "sticky" situation - like her secretions clog the suction catheters
kind of sticky. She pretty happy and all, but still with the coughing and all... Not fun. Who knows what this is but we'll get through it I am sure, b/c her animals are keeping her company when we sit down to rest. :) >> thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Mary said…
Glad to hear the major stuff came out negative. We will keep her in our thoughts and prayers!
Good news there are no major issues! Get well soon Emily - Big Hugz!
Lucy and Ethel said…
Thank goodness for negative results on the big stuff and the animals :)

Prayers from NC!
Tina said…
Sending lots of prayers and well wishes your way. Hospital stays are no fun, but it is very nice to have extra assistance when needed and I'm glad things are going as smooth as possible. When Ally was sick in June with H1N1 her first tests came back negative, so just in case, stay on them for the additional culture results. Hopefully this is a short stay and Emily can be home with Annabelle soon.

Sending germfree cyber hugs and kisses from Ally & me.

Love, Tina, Ally and Family