Sick again #SMA

Hey everyone -- my how this Summer is flying by. Goodness! School is starting up again soon and we'll be getting back into the swing of things.

I started this post to give a longer update, but the important thing for you to know is that Emily has been sick for a week and we are considering admitting her to the PICU today b/c she will not come off BiPAP now. :/ She's had a nagging cough and a lot of secretions. Her heart rate has been good and her spirits have been up, but she is just so congested it's not even funny. Cough after cough after cough. Poor Emily. So, we're making our phone calls and plan on taking advantage of our Golden Ticket status, so we get to skip the ED and head straight to the PICU at Sinai Hospital.

Please keep her in your prayers - hopefully it will be a short stay. I'll let you know if things change one way or another.

Peace <><


Praying for you and Emily!