Still here. #SMA #PICU

So we're still here and hangin out. We've made some changes to Emily's meds which is interesting -- 4 days ago we increased her Zyrtec dose, per Dr. order, and feel that the increase thickened her secretions causing low satting and respiratory difficulty. When you KNOW there is junk in there it is frustrating when you can't get it out. So, now her secretions have thinned and are flowing more freely - and we are getting plugs out so that is good. However, now she has a higher heart rate and low sats while we work the junk from her lungs. We're also adding Singulair allergy med and switched from Flovent to Pulmacort

Anyway, now we're not sure if we should go home today. While we wait and work, here's a pic of Diana, Emily, and nurse Christy.