A quick update. Emily's been fighting what we've been treating as a Sinus infection for a couple of weeks. Friday was her last dose of antibiotics, but a new sickness has started and the symptoms are very flu-like. :/

We started Tamiflu in the middle of the night and things have already started getting better. I don't know if it works that fast, or if she's got something else, but we're in crisis mode around home and awake at all hours while we respond to Emily's needs and try to nip this in the bud.

So we have no plans to go to the PICU right now, but they are aware of our situation and ready if we must - in which case we'd head to Sinai Hospital. The Flu has a nasty way of throwing wrenches at the best intentions. We're hoping this is mild, whatever it is.

Thanks for checking in.


Barb said…
Nate, I will pray that it's not flu and that she'll recover quickly. I really hope you don't go through what we've been through the last month.
Please keep us updated.
Brian said…
We've all be sick here (1 on tamiflu and another one pending) but no one feeling too bad. This flu season has been interesting to say the least. We'll keep you all in our thoughts and prayers and hope that your recovery is speedy and PICU-free.
Praying for all of you.
Lucy and Ethel said…
Hope Emily's continuing to do better!!!

Then you'll ALL feel better....

Mary said…
So sorry Emily is sick! Hopefully she will continue to get better and is back to herself again!
So much is going around, it's crazy. Jenna has a sinus infection too! Hope Annabelle is doing well!