Getting back to the basics

I have recently discovered this blog has become less of what I intended it to be. I am not sure how to maintain a good schedule of posting, but I want more than anything for it to be informative about our life, not necessarily our actions and other menial daily happenings.

So, dreams. People affected by tragedy have them - and they're not always very fun. I'm no psychologist and I have no statistics, but my dreams can be disturbing and in some ways numbing. They usually don't recall past events, but project the possibility of future events -- and always with hopelessness and failure in some fashion. Like not being able to correct a wrong, even though you know how, b/c you don't have the tools you need to make it right. I may go into more detail about that some other time..... but dreams, although not "scary" to me, can leave me stunned in wonderment for way too long.

Emily: We've been fighting what seems to be a sinus infection. Of course we worry about H1N1, but it doesn't seem to be that at all - I think it would be obvious. She's remained fairly happy amidst the extra treatments, and assumed headaches,, and we hope it's over soon.

Other than the sickness we're on the path to getting her powerchair soon, and she continues to go to school 2-3 times/week. Awesome!

Annabelle: 2nd grade is a busy year!! Piano, Gymnastics, Chinese language classes, Pioneer Girls, HOMEWORK -- crazy - but I think the TV is on less. :)

And Diana and I are hanging on for dear life. I have my SMA projects with and other ideas, and Diana handles the rest of the responsibilities like keeping us all fed and alive -- AND her jewelry making has picked up again, so think about what you'd like to order for Christmas!!!

I promise I will post some cool pictures soon -- gotta grab some time to get them off the cameras.

Peace <><


Mary said…
Hope Emily feels better soon and the craziness slows down a bit. Glad to hear Annabelle is doing well! Tell everyone we said hello!
Lucy and Ethel said…
Would you like me to add the blog and Diana's jewelry site to the SMA Families page? We can also feature her jewelry :)

Hang in there - I know it's not easy!!!

Unknown said…
I hear you on the dreams. Man I have terror dreams and have had panic attacks since Shira was born. My greatest fears are totally SMA induced. I hope Emily feels better soon. I'd like to see Diana's jewelry. I used to make a lot of jewelry when I had a musical instrumnt repair shop as a lot of the tooling is the same. I'm glad to hear she is getting her power chair. Shira is loving her chair now. It's been a year of hassles but finally we have an excellent OT and technician working with us and its all come together. Give the girls a hug from us.
Nate said…
Thanks everyone!

Mary - Tell the girls we said hello as well - and Paul! We need to all meetup halfway sometime -- maybe at the waterpark hotel place!!

Helen/Lucy -- YES! Thanks. :)

Brad -- we should start a blog about daddy's dreams (and mommy's for that matter) -- it would interesting.... err, maybe too shocking as well. Hey I'm gonna remember to make a new video for you and Shira with Emily.... gotta remember to do that.... remember remember remember -- oh yeah, you can see some of her jewelry at
Unknown said…
dreams i wish they were just dreams. Nightmares are more like it. Every since Jenna started school and has left "my little bubble" as Mary calls it I wake up sweating and nervous. Now that sickness in school is keeping her out i am sleeping w/o nightmares. That sounds like a good idea about the waterpark. Maybe once the holidays are over. Paul