Happy Anniversary!! 8 big ones!!

Happy Anniversary, Diana!!

What an amazing 8 years it's been. I can't believe we've already lived a lifetime of events. What in the world can our future hold?!

You complete our awesomeness. {wink} ;) {smooch} :() {heart} <3 {cool} 8) {me} {:)->--< {you} <:p->~~<

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Lucy and Ethel said…
Happy 8th anniversary!

And, yes, you have packed a LOT into those 8 years.

Best wishes for many more terrific ones!

Nancy Lee said…
Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple! May God hold you in the palm of his hand for 80 more years!
Happy Anniversary to both of you, love and miss you all.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Nathan, for 8 crazy worthwhile years, and for many more...
I like the letter people, or whatever you call it.
Thanks everyone for thinking of us!
Can't believe you guys are only 8 years together! What lifetimes you have had already! May God bless you and keep you from this time forward and forever!