Happy days :: #SMA

Well Emily is back to her normal self and better. It's so good to see her well. We are going to e taking it easy this Winter though. Avoiding crowds, enclosed areas, etc. School becomes a bigger challenge with all the sick kiddos, as does church and spending time with other people in general. So, if you dont see us around you'll know why. :)

Today we received a letter from Make a Wish letting us know that Emily qualifies to make her wish!!! Yay! They'll be contacting us in a few days to get to know us and find out what Emily's wish is (psst! We're talking Disney World!). We have heard so many great stories about what this organization does for kids like Emily. Can't wait to see how it all plays out. :)

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Joanna said…
Hmmm...isn't Disney World in...FLORIDA!!! ;)
Mary said…
Glad to hear Emily is feeling better. Hope Annabelle is well too!
CureSMA4Stella said…
When are you guys going to MAW? We are March 1-7 and just wondered if you guys are in that timeframe at all. Hugs!