Keep on keepin' on #SMA

Hey folks, we're doing pretty well these days. Emily has been spending less and less time on BiPAP, she's much happier and interactive than the past couple of weeks, and hopefully she'll be back in school this week or next.

Thanks so much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

There are no recent updates on the nursing situation, but we are thinking hard about ways to get these people to appropriately understand Emily's medical needs.

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Brandy said…
I'm so glad to hear Emily is doing better!
Mary said…
Yay! Glad to hear Emily is doing better. Hopefully you will get the nursing situation settled soon!
This is so good to hear! Bravo, Emily! We'll continue to pray for her and for all of you (especially regarding the nursing stuff).
Groves said…
That is sometimes the hardest challenge of all - trying to put into words what defies description. I heard a pastor say words are trucks that take our thoughts and feelings out where other people can encounter them...and he said, "Sometimes there are no trucks big enough."

Emily's daily fight to survive, and your fight to help her, simply can't be covered by mere words. This is not news to you, obviously. It isn't that you don't try (or that you don't do a great job writing!). It is just that words have limits. Only the Lord knows the true extent of the burden.

Of course, none of this makes your efforts to get help from insurance companies, nurses, doctors (etc.) any less.

Sometimes you must want to pull your hair out!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you **so much** for not quitting, all of you.

Thinking of you very often,

Cathy Groves
CureSMA4Stella said…
I know I don't post often but know we think of you often!! Glad Emily is on the mend and praying you get resolution with her services . . . we empathize. Hugs!