Please help our friend! :) #SMA

---- From a friend ----

Hi all:

This is Brenda emailing from Nationwide Children's Hopsital in Columbus, OH yet again. I am writing to get your help.

MJ was re-admitted to the hospital after 2 weeks at home after battling H1N1 at home, along with a lung infection (psuedomonas) and a GI virus. Right now, MJ is battling pneumonia, the psuedomonas, and an UTI. The doctors have decided to give MJ's belly a rest and she is now off GI food and getting food via her veins (TPN). MJ has been refluxing since then (we guess her belly really wants to eat or something, but it is clearly not happy.) She has aspirated some of the reflux as well - hence the pnemonia.

Anyway, MJ's doctor (Dr. Shell) issued MJ a get 80 cards sent to her by tomorrow. Cards are printed out around 9am, so he issued MJ a challenge. Upon card delivery tomorrow, there should be 80 cards brought up. He does not believe that 80 people would send MJ a card. Lets show him how wide and big the world is. Please help and show Dr. Shell how many people MJ knows. Send it on to your friends too. Thanks.

1. Go here to create a card (
2. Choose a card from the selection
3. On the next page, you have the option of using the default image, choosing from the ‘card’ gallery, or downloading a picture (one of your own or one from the internet)
4. The info you will need:
Patient’s first name (top line) - MJ
Patient’s full name - MJ Purk
Patient’s room number - T5103

NOTE: Any cards not printed tomorrow morning will be printed Wednesday, which will be great, too.

That’s it - and feel free to pass the info on!

If you prefer, real cards can be mailed to:
Nationwide Children's Main Campus
c/o MJ Purk, Room T5103
700 Children's Drive
Columbus, OH 43205