Still home and holding out

Hey! We're still home and holding our own. Emily's had some junky days filled with coughing, gas, and more coughing. A lot of suctioning, respiratory treatments, and BiPAP time seem to be doing the trick though. Diana is the one to praise for this - she is a great mom. She is tireless in her care of Emily's 24hr needs that only some of you can even begin to understand.

You know, comparing sicknesses now with ones in the past - either they are milder of Emily simply handles herself better. As she has grown she has learned to better control certain muscles, even in their weakened state, to keep her airway clearer than she used to, and it even seems her coughs are more productive. Not necesarily stronger, but better timed and such. But maybe we've just lucked out for a bit.... or we're doing what is needed to make it as easy as possible - "easy" in our world, not the normal one.

Anyway, any assumptions are that this is H1N1, but I still wish we knew for sure. Oh well.

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SteveGreen01 said…
Nate, I am so glad to hear you are still able to handle this at home. We are praying for you guys to get through this and that there won't be a secondary bacterial infection that seems to follw h1n1. We love you guys.
Laurel said…
Nate and Diana, thank you for the update. It's great to know you are still at home and good to hear about Emily's ability to handle the sickness. She is amazing, just like the rest of her family. I'm glad you are able to see the blessings during the trial!
CureSMA4Stella said…
You are BOTH excellent parents! Keep up the good work and we hope she's on the mend soon.
Hugs and prayers,
Sarah and Stella
Unknown said…
Just prayed for God's strength, healing, and sustaining grace, my friend!