Day 4: Sinai PICU (Skilled Nursing development) #SMA

Emily has continued to improve today and we've managed to come down near baseline on her BiPAP settings. :)

Now, the HOT HOT news for today is that, with this recent hospitalization, CareFirst has determined to extend Emily's Skilled Nursing benefit 30 more days! So we'll now have some wiggle room to figure things out further while maintaining the level of care Emily needs. We thank God for this decision today!!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

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Mike Milligan said…
30 days?!? Wow - how "generous" of them. :-/ I must admit I was wondering if this incident would catch their attention.

I'll continue to pray for your and D's strength, E's health, A's patience and endurance, and for bureaucrats to get the Tin Man's desire.
Nate said…
@Mike: We had to submit another request and Letter of Medical Need (LMN) b/c of this PICU situation - hence the extension. We'll see how things develop for a more appropriate decision in the next 30 days. Thanks for your prayers!
Unknown said…
Praise God!
Lucy and Ethel said…
Glad to hear Emily's better and that you received a 30-day extension! It's a start and some much-needed breathing room.

Happy, HEALTHY 2010!

Laurel said…
PTL! God is God even over heartless bureaucratic nonsense. He has begun a good work and WILL be faithful to complete it. I hope you are encouraged by this - not with more faith in Carefirst but in God who can do anything! :)