A new site for Linnea #SMA

I just launched this "new" site for Linnea using Google Sites. Basically I took the content from the old page and gave it a new look - and it is now accessible via linnea.hopeforemily.com. I think it's easier to look at. :) I've been wanting to move the information for quite a while. I may add some more information or thoughts about her to the page from time to time, but for now it serves as an historical digital momento of our life with Linnea. We still miss her each and every day.

If you are looking to create some simple but nice pages for yourself - check out sites.google.com and you can always let me know if you need some help.

Peace <><


Sky said…
very nice Nate, such a beautiful angel.
Mary said…
It is beautiful Nate.
Nate said…