Sick again #SMA (maybe #RSV)

Well this stinks. Emily appears to have come down with RSV. We do not know for sure, but the glue-like secretions, come-and-go fever, high Heart Rate, High Respiratory Rate, labored breathing, etc -- all indicate something like RSV anyway. Our insurance company finally overturned their denial for the RSV vaccination last week, but it appears it may have been too late - you know, b/c Emily isn't "high risk" for getting RSV. :/

In classic fashion, Emily is in good spirits. Every year we deal with these scarier illnesses she's a bit older, so the experience is always new.

Anyway, we're doing more frequent treatments (~Q4) with thinning nebulizers like Pulmazyme. She's tolerating her feeds well, so hopefully we'll just get through this thing sooner than later. We've been on the phone with our PICU in case we need to bring her in though. Nothing like another Holiday season in the hospital to continue the Lee Family Christmas story!!! ;)


Sky said…
not high risk, you have got to be kidding me, when will these people learn. I will keep you all in our prayers, I hope she handles everything and is over it soon!!!
love you guys...always thinking and praying for you guys...miss you!