Snowpocalypse 2010!!!

We are COMPLETELY enjoying this huge snowfall. This is the part of God's creation that I am most fond of. :) Emily's sick, so we didn't get to do much as a family outside, but we managed to snap some pictures. Hopefully we won't be stranded at home too long, but the electricity is on and our utilities are working... we're doing just fine.


Sky said…
wow you guys got some snow, great pictures, looks like fun, but Ill be honest Ive been enjoying our weather, you can keep the snow!!! Enjoy :)
I am SOOOOO jealous!!!
Monica said…
I just LOVE that pic of Emily looking at you with a huge smile on her face. What a sweet expression of love from daughter to father. Thanks for sharing!
Lucy and Ethel said…
What great pictures!!!

Could Emily's smile get any bigger?!?!?

Nate said…
Thanks everybody! :) Emily's smiles are so great. Everybody needs to see them!