Waiting on lab results #SMA

Emily had an ok night. She's getting respiratory treatments every 2-4 hrs and needs quite a bit of coughing, but she's so happy - probably b/c we said "No IV's this time." I'd be happy too. :)

So they've ruled out RSV and the Flu, so we're waiting to hear back about Pseudamonas and some other nasty stuff. Regardless, we've started Tobramycin and Orapred to try an kick whatever this is.

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Monica said…
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Monica said…
I hate typos, here's the revised version: In spite of being sick, gotta love those sats. That is one to add you your "you know you're an sma parent ... when you take pictures of the sat monitor rather than your child."
Nate said…
Haha - exactly! :)