What I love about my family #SMA

A note from Emily's big 8-yr old sister, Annabelle:

I'm Annabelle and my sister Emily is a Joy to have in my life. Another joy is the music in my family. My family has great musicians! I love my family so so much they cheer me up when I'm down! Definitely, Emily is one of the first people I go to when I am hurt. I live with my sister Emily, my mom Diana, my dad Nathan, and my two fish.

That is what
I love about
my family


Tricia said…
Wow! So precious!!
Mike Milligan said…
She is such a sweetie.

But I have to ask, how musical are the fish? ;-)
Nancy Lee said…
Those are some special things about your family, Annabelle! Such a nice family to belong to!
Loved seeing you guys!!
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