Operation Disney

Soooooo - we are embarking on our epic Make-A-Wish journey to Disney this coming Sat!!! We're heading out in an RV and will arrive sometime on Sunday. How exciting!

This is also extra special because we have family AND friends joining us on this once-in-a-lifetime trip for Emily. My parents, my oldest sister and her husband and 5 kids!, and some very good friends/Emily's nurse with their baby girl will all be participating in this high-speed Florida expedition (complete with smartphone Disney Apps, pinpoint GeoLocation, and live tweeting/blogging as @natedlee, of course!)

We'll be in FL for a week enjoying all the fun the Disney parks have to offer. Give Kids the World is the extremely accommodating place we'll be staying while we're, which caters specifically to disabled families visiting the area..... all I needed to know is that they have free Breyers ice cream 24/7. :)

Anyway, we are so excited to have a crowd with us to celebrate Emily's life through this super-fun trip. Thanks for joining us: Mom/Dad, Kevin/Wendy, Steve/Krissy, and company. You're the best!


CureSMA4Stella said…
So excited for your trip!!! We loved it all. We enjoyed SeaWorld for one day and the rest was all Disney (we didn't use the Universal passes as it was geared toward the big kids). We used our three day Disney pass to go to 1)Epcot, 2)Magic Kingdom (could have spent two days here but we wanted to do the Princess Dining at Epcot so that's why we went to Epcot for a day), and then 3) split a day btwn Animal Kingdom (bumpy but enjoyed the Lion King, Nemo, and safari rides) and Hollywood Studios (Beauty and the Beast is great and the ToyStory ride is awesome and Emily can ride on in her chair, as well as the lights show at night . . . there is a spot at the top of the bleachers where Emily should be able to see even if laying flat . . . it's the spot where there are 5 rows of bleachers blocked off in front of the top row so look for this or ask about it). If you have any ?s let us know.

Everyone was so accomodating and we learned to go to the EXIT to get help. Don't bother trying to wait . . . we felt rude at first but they are supposed to get you on the ride fast so don't feel bad about it. Stella lays flat as you know most of the time and we were able to put her long Size 2 chair on many of the rides and some we just held her (even if it was uncomfortable for the parent).
So very excited for you!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!

Oh and Nate, I'm not sure that it's Breyers but it's just as good . . . ahem, not 24 hours a day but CLOSE!!!! It closes at like 9:30pm. HAHA!

Hugs to you all and prayers for safe travels and a trip of a lifetime.
Unknown said…
Nate, Diana, Annabel, and Emily (etc!) - have a WONDERFUL time - we will be praying for you!!! Love, Lysa (for the Lyt 6)
Tina said…
Can't wait to hear your pictures and see pictures!!!!! Sending prayers and happy thoughts for a wonderful, safe, amazing trip!!!