Still here

We are still alive and well -- I just wanted to let you know.

Emily had been in great health despite some allergy stuff that's hitting us all pretty hard this year. She's growing up so much and we're making plans for Summer school and then she starts Kindergarten in the Fall!! :) Yep! Starting this Summer we're aiming for school 5 days/ week and continuing that schedule on through the school year if we can manage. How exciting! Emily just loves school and she is doing really well. She's a busy kid. :)

The rest of us are plugging along as usual. Annabelle with her growing list of 8 yr social activities, Diana is taking some college courses and I'm completely overcommitted as usual.

If you're the praying type we are searching for a single-story home to rent b/c this townhome is not safe for Emily really. Anxiety is growing in me the longer we are here. Ideally we stay in this county or ens up in one that is good for Emily's education and development. Please pray for a smooth transition out of this home and into whatever is next - we're not sure how that will work since we're upside down, but something will work out one way or another.

I just wanted to shoot a quick note out to say we are well. Take care!!

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Anonymous said…
Great photos! Brings back lots of memories. Our favorite was the Jungle cruise.
Unknown said…
Awesome photos, you guys had a great time!! I think Emily really loved playing with the dolphin.. great pics. good luck to Emily with school this year!!