Our Miracle 5!

Our amazing Emily was born with the biggest wide eyes I have ever seen. Always watching and ready for what life would bring. She already knew she was different, special, and about to change our lives forever. And so she has!
Having memories of almost losing her life again and again just makes today all that more special. I remember when Nathan and I could only talk and hope for a few months at a time, because her first two and a half years were so unpredictable, even with all the medical support we gave her.
I remember the moment when I allowed myself to think beyond a few months, and even dared to wonder about her 5th birthday. That was something I couldn't even talk about, because it scared me just to hope for that. Fast forward a few amazing years filled with her beautiful brilliant smile and bright happy eyes, and here we are.... Happy 5th Birthday, Emily! You are so treasured and loved. God blesses us each day through your incredible life. We love you so much, sunshine funshine girl!


Praise God for His marvelous grace!! She is a sweetie!
(Willardsdaughter is Linda Karner from CPC via Japan)
Sky said…
Happy Birthday Emily!!!! we hope you have the best day ever!!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to amazing Emily! May your whole family be blessed today and always. We think of you often, and tell your story to many.
--Pam Sikora
Dawn and D.J. said…
Happy birthday, pretty Emily! Looking forward to celebrating!
Happy Birthday Emily!! We LOVE you guys and can't wait to see you!!
~LeighAnn and the boys!
anastasia said…
Happy 5th Birthday Emily! What a special day! Lots of love and kisses!
Happy 5th Emily...You are a true testament to your own middle name...Hope. May God give you many more days to love and be loved.
Anonymous said…
God bless your beautiful girl!! Happy Birthday and wishing her many many more happy and wonderful birthdays to come!! Kavya, Ritu and Ritesh.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your blog! You do not know me. I am a grandma and a Lutheran elementary school teacher. I share the love of Jesus with little ones. I found your blog by accident on July 6, 2010. I was trying to find info about the linnea flower. On July 5,2010 our 20 month old grandaughter,Lynnea Hope Callison went from her mommy's arms to heaven to be with Jesus. When I found your blog it was bedtime but I was not sleepy and I had the idea to see if I could possibly find a place to get a linnea flower for the funeral. I knew nothing about this flower. When I found your blog I read every thing on it. The pictures could have been our pictures, many of the experiences were very similar. I found great comfort reading the familiar Bible passages all put together for me, from someone who had experienced the things we were feeling. We have many loving Christian friends around us, offering comfort - but the comfort from your sharing the same feelings I was having touched me deeply. Thank you again.
If you would like to read about our Lynnea her blog is www.Callisonchronicle.blogspot.com
my email address is momdad70@hotmail.com. I will keep your family and your Emily in my prayers. God's blessings to you.
Maureen Bergmann
Emily is a beautiful, amazing little girl! What a blessing she is!

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