3rd Annual Lynn Wheeler Golf Tournament for Emily Lee : #SMA

Well, in about 1 month we will make another trek South to Georgia - this time for the 3rd Annual Lynn Wheeler Golf Tournament... for Emily Lee!!  Thanks to some friends from my time in GA Emily will be the beneficiary for this years golf tournament. What a blessing it is! We are looking forward to the time and fellowship with people we don't really get to see all that much.

Thank you so very much, Wheeler Family, for choosing Emily for your tournament -- and to those who have put the time and effort into arranging this tournament.  And thank you so much for thinking of our family and Emily.

Click on the link above for more details. You can also fill out and print the form below to participate.  Thanks!


Good luck with the tournament - hope they raise lots of money! Emily is a beautiful, amazing little girl! What a blessing she is!

My mom and I started a group called Kids with Vents that we would like to invite you to join. Our kids are on vents (or Bipap) for a variety of reasons, but we have 3 kids with SMA1 and 2 with SMARD1. Most of our support group message board is only available to members, but you can check out our Blogs (see below.) We would be delighted to have you join the Kids with Vents family! You can email me (Deborah) at cchskid@ymail.com if you have any questions.

God Bless,