It's a boy!!!

.... DOG!  Yep, we've moved on as a family and found ourselves a little doggy to accompany us on our journeys.  We've talked about a family pet for a while and have looked into what the best addition would be for Emily's needs -- and that led us to Sunny, Bichon Frise / Shi Tzu -- a "Shichon."  We picked a male Shichon b/c it is small, hypoallergenic, and in my research and conversations found that it would be a good Companion Dog for Emily even while living in a townhome environment.

Our plan is to put Sunny through therapy dog training and immediately started incorporating Sunny into our daily routine of respiratory treatments and busyness.  He is doing quite well.  We haven't found a good trainer just yet, but he is still a puppy, so we have some time to find a good one in our area.

This little guy was made possible by some incredible girls from the Columbia Presbyterian Pioneer Girls.  Through fundraising, their efforts made it possible for us to find just the right little puppy for our family. Thank you so much girls.  We're looking forward to presenting Sunny to you guys this Fall! :)


Lucy and Ethel said…
That is one CUTE furball!!!

Lizzy's Nina said…
cute.I bet the girls are loving having a dog.
Lizzy feeds our dog Pepper french fries.