Mom and Dad are on vacation!

By the time many of you read this Diana and I will be on the road, on our first vacation alone since having kids. Believe it or not, we are leaving for 4 days without Annabelle and Emily while an Army of 4 + Annabelle take care of Emily -- My mom, Diana's sister Cindy, and two nurses will take turns on shift covering the 3 nights / 4 days we will be away.  I can hardly believe we are doing it, but we are. :)

So what do the Lee parents do without children?  Not sure yet -- but we have some fun activities planned. Camping, Whitewater Rafting, Motorcycle trail riding, and ---> RELAXING.

We're heading to upstate New York to enjoy the Adirondacks and it is going to be great. I'll be tweeting (duh!) so check in if you'd like to catch some photos and other tidbits of info.


Lucy and Ethel said…
Hope your getaway is even better than it sounds... which is pretty fantastic!

Have a great time guys, I will be praying for rediscovery. Love you Both dearly!!!
del said…
Have fun!
Jon Barnes said…
sounds awesome- have a great time!
So glad you guys can get away! Be sure to enjoy sitting in an Adirondack chair!!
Mike Milligan said…
Char and I are just coming off of our first childless vacation -- but with us, it's been 23 years. Enjoy the time together and relax!
Sky said…
Have fun you two!!!!! while your at it have some for me too!!!!