Bug in her stool? #SMA

That's the question for today. Poor Emily has lots of diarrea so it begs the question. Theyre running some tests, so we'll see.

The one thing that we DO know us that Emily has pneumonia. What from is the mystery. Preliminary tests for Flu and RSV have come back negative, so we're still waiting on the regular tests to make sure. She is in two IV antibiotics for infection - Motrin and Tylenol for fevers.

Last night was rough and we discovered Emily was not getting enough fluids. Too much diarrhea and not enough humidity through the bipap dehydrated her to the point that thigs were not looking good. Extra restless, high heart rate, and heavy breathing were indications that something more was going on, but it's hard to tell when Emily is really out of it and can't communicate how she feels. After making some adjustments things have improved, but she is still really working hard and not very comfortable. No special Emily smiles, no glittering eyes and funnyness - just a sad cookie.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and offerings to help. Thanks to Erik for the visit and lunch. Thanks to my mom and the Vandenheuvals for spending time with Annabelle and Sunny. We are blessed to be so well cared for and loved.


Anonymous said…
We are praying for you guys. Our children are so strong and I know God has given them that extra special fight inside. I know she will get through this!