Day 4: Continued fever and longer stay

Day 4 Sinai PICU
It's 5:25pm, and Emily is continuing to rest due to constant sedation. It's very uncomfortable to have a tube down your airway, so they sedation is constant for now. We do have a video of her playing with a balloon while intubated back in 07/08 winter, but she is not there yet : )
We don't know much about Metapneumovirus, since it seems to be a fairly new virus, but it seems to be worse than RSV. Our pulmonologist in Wisconsin said that Emily could potentially be here for another few weeks! Oh dear... that means we have to switch up our system, and start thinking not day to day but week to week, as far as Nathan and work, Annabelle and care, etc...
Thankfully, Grandma has had time to stay with Annabelle this week, but we night have to work on other options next week...
Thank you for the continued prayers for our precious radiant little girl. She hopefully won't remember much of this experience... just the part when she goes home would be nice.

As for prayer requests: please pray for her fever to break. She has had constant fever for 7.5 days now. It's not high as it was when she was home, but the constant fever is really concerning. Therefore, more tests are being done... And that our stay will be the right amount of time for Emily to get better, but not any more than that!
~Continued strength and endurance. Sleeping shifts, being in a hospital with dry cycled air is tiring, and Nathan needs to get better. He still has a cough that isn't going away. He probably had what Emily has, and isn't contagious, but is working it out.

~Sinai is working with us as well as we can pray for, and the team is full of familiar faces, and when we call in, they always know who Emily is. The attending has been very willing, with conversations with our wonderful pulmo in Wisconsin to help our Attending truly grasp what we are asking for.
~Annabelle is handling everything well, with loving Grandma and Grandpa, who have embraced their own "special needs" life so graciously. It's amazing to have parents that love you without a blink, and take on what you take on without a question.
~Our family and friends, who are praying for us, and driving up to see us after my teary quick call and hang up right before her intubation. It's good to have the support!


Suzanne said…
Diana & Nate,

You and Emily are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. We know that Emily is cradled in Our Loving Father's Hands. He is the Ultimate Physician Healer. Please remember that you are in a marathon, not a sprint now. You are right -- fortunately Emily will not remember much of this. Hang in there and know that so many of your friends and family are holding you up in prayer. Many prayers and hugs,
Maria B. said…
I didn't know Emily was sick. Praying for a quick recovery.
Teresa said…
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