Gig is up - to the PICU we go

So Emily has been pretty sick the past 4 days - fevers ranging 102-104 and just feeling pretty crappy. We decided we reached our limit and admitted Emily to our regular Sinai Hospital PICU. She's getting swabbed to see what's going on. Looks a lot like the Flu.

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Thanks or your thoughts and prayers!

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Sky said…
sending you guys all prayers!!!! I hope she feels better soon and is home fast!
Barb said…
We'll be checking FB, hoping for good news!
Lucy and Ethel said…
Hope Emily's showing good signs of feeling better!

Lifting you up in prayer Emily asking for healing, comfort, and that you get back home soon! Also keeping the whole family in prayer as they stand by your side.
Nate said…
Thank you all very much. Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.
Our love and prayers are yours. Hang Tough Emily… show 'em what you got!
The Chapmans