Human Metapneumovirus = Crappy :: (#SMA)

  • hMPV is described by our attending as "similar to RSV" and "could get worse." Crappy.

  • There is no vaccine for hMPV. Crappy. 

  • If you are reading this - you are from my office - and was sick before or after me ----- you probably had or have hMPV. Crappy. 


Lucy and Ethel said…
Yikes - never heard of that one. Praying for all of you!!!

The Kim 3487 said…
Bummer, what's that mean for Emily?
Nate said…
It means Emily has a rough few days ahead of her. We are hoping and praying that we've made it through the worst, but that may not be the case. She's a tough cookie, though - I just wish she wasn't breathing so hard all the time right now. She's staying pretty strong though.
CureSMA4Stella said…
Hey Nate
You guys are so well versed after having been through RSV before . . . do you guys use pulmozyne? That really helped Stella with her RSV . . . I'm sure you have already considered it. So sorry but you have so many praying!!!
Laurel said…
ugh! Pneumo with a META in front -- that has to be bad. I'm so sorry and we are praying. Do you need anything tonight or tomorrow night? Call us if you do; one of us will be there! (The other one will keep the kids at home.) --Laurel and Chrystopher