Lynn Wheeler Golf Tournament for Emily!! #SMA

We are getting pretty excited here at the Lee home. In less than a month we will be heading down to Georgia, once again, to take part in the Annual Lynn Wheeler Golf Tournament on 10 Oct!!! Doug and Lynn Wheeler, and everyone that participated last year blessed us beyond measure by holding the event for Emily. We are humbled by the fact that Emily has again been chosen as the beneficiary of this year's tournament. The Wheelers are an amazing family, and we were so happy to get to know them a bit last year.  Keeping up with Lynn's updates throughout this year has been quite encouraging in the midst of all that life brings. Thank you so much Lynn and Doug.  You both are an incredible testimony of love and Godliness to us all. 

So, if you have some time - we'd love for you to come and join us this year at Planterra Ridge Golf Club in Peachtree City, GA for the Lynn Wheeler Golf Tournament. Details for the tournament are in the images below, but you can also click on the above link to check out the Facebook page for the event. 

I also want to thank Joseph Starr for his insane planning abilities, and for bringing this entire event together. Jojo - you're amazing. See you in GA!


Mandy said…
I can't wait! We had SO much fun last year!