A Merry PICU Christmas (#SMA)

So, we decided to bring Em to the hospital. We're praying it will be a Merry Christmas at home, but either way Belly is now on her way to Nashville with my parents to be with the rest of the family.

I'm not going to bother counting all the Holidays we've spent in the hospital, but this will make 4 Christmas's in 6.5 yrs. At least we're keeping tradition! We are super thankful this is only the second PICU visit in just short of 2 years, so we'll knock this out and get back home before Santa has a chance to start hibernating.

We're not sure what's going on, but this season has been tough on kids, even more for kids with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). With all the RSV going in we didn't want to risk it.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We'll be updating most frequently on Facebook but I will post summaries here.


Lucy and Ethel said…
Hope things are looking better by now!!!

Hugs from North Carolina -

tina617 said…
Sending lots and lots of prayers to Emily and your family. (((( hugs ))))
Mary C said…
Praying for you all - Christmas blessings to you, at the hospital or at home. Love, Kyle and Mary
fleming said…
Blessings and loaods of love to you. Roger
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My prayers are with you.