Monday, February 13, 2012

A Tribute to Good Home Care Nurses

As we have encountered dozens of nurses through Linnea's life as well as Emily's, and through our SMA community, we have heard endless stories of horrible home care nurses, the tendency is to conclude that they are a horrible batch of so called professionals that can come into our lives and make our children's already fragile lives worse. This conclusion is often defeating and beyond frustrating for us parents who need to be able to count on someone besides ourselves and our spouses to take care of our medically fragile children. These "horrible" nurses bring with them laziness, attitude, constant cell phone chitter chatter, deceit and act as if we should be thankful that they have bestowed upon us their un- "knowledgeable" selves. Often times, we parents just can't take it anymore and give up searching for good nurses, to take care of our most precious little angels. With that being said, Emily is now 6 and a half and she has had some incredible nurses come into our lives, some who have stayed, and some who have moved on. I want to share this because so many parents we know have given up looking, and they desperately need some relief, so maybe hearing some good experiences will help alleviate all the bad.
Amidst all the no-go's, we have been blessed with Palvine- dedicate and trustworthy, who has been with us for almost four years now. She is one of the few who knows my precious girl's history. I don't have to explain everything to her. She's been around and has seen it herself. Krissy-super fun PICU nurse who took care of Em for two years, is no longer our nurse but is an incredible personal friend now. She is also our emergency contact for Emily because we know she will know what to do if we ever needed her. Dettra- loving and on top of her game, who despite living several states away, makes herself available if I need her for a special occasion, just for her Emi-boo! Tandy- dedicated and hard working- who has made a huge effort to get to know Emily in her own way and is one of our current nurses. Taboko- has a really sweet and kind disposition and loves our Emily and is one of our current nurses. Connie-sassy and smart, she takes care of Emily on an as needed basis.
With the little description that I shared of each nurse, one of the biggest blessings that these nurses have been is more than being a nurse to Emily. They have all become my friends! As isolating as it can be to be a mother of a young child, it's even more so when you have a special needs child. You don't fit in anywhere, and no one really knows how to relate to you. There isn't much time to invest in friendships, and for this season in our lives, often times, it is more take than give coming from our side. With that being said, not many friendships are even made, much less that last.
So in my prayers a few years ago, I asked God for friendships, not many, just a few, and as our Emily has grown bigger and stronger, God has lined my friends up one at a time. One day I realized his creativity, and I was amazed. So this is a tribute to all the amazing women called nurses, who have a big enough heart and integrity to not only take care of my Emily well, but to share their hearts, minds and lives with me, so that I have friendship and personal growth when I least expect it. Thank you Palvine, Krissy, Dettra, Tandy, Taboko, and Connie, most importantly for honoring the profession of nursing, but also for being my friends, walking buddies, sounding boards, shopping partners, cooking critics, and most of all, for being you.


Vierna said...

Beautiful, and uplifting! Yes, we all complaint about the bad... But the good is by far bigger and better than anything else. Cheers to the good, outstanding ones that makes life a bit less easier! :)

Mom to JADE said...

What a wonderful post, Diana! Lovely!

Samantha said...

Lovely post, Diana! It's wonderful to hear that you've found people to be that help to both you and Emily. :) I hope all is well with you and your family! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana, I just read this post, and it was beautiful! I'm sure you have been a blessing to those girls as well. Your friend in Wisconsin ;) Julie love you!

essay said...

Hope things are looking better by now! My prayers are with you.